Just where have we played?

The USA, Canada, England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Amsterdam. Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and Arizona. Oregon State Fair, Tri-State Fair, Salem Art Fair, Shrewsbury, Lane County Fair and dang near every county fair in Oregon. Concerts with Ricky Skaggs (twice), Doc Watson, Asleep at the Wheel and more. So many show rooms, concerts and night clubs. Kids theater, dinner theater, movie theaters, amphitheaters. By ways, highways and any way we can, could and did. It truly is music for the whole family.

 If you want to hear where we have play just around Lane County then click on this button                Radio .    This was a live interview with Ramblin' Robert of KRVM fame. We set Ramblin' Robert up to ask Fiddlin' Big Sue just where she had played around the Eugene area. See if you can count the venues. We came up with over one hundred. We were laughing so hard we lost count and Sue just rambled on and on.

Thanks Ramblin' Robert for the fun that night.